About Tim Absalom

The Tim Absalom Golf Academy aims to offer expert golf tuition for golfers of all experience and abilities. Tim Absalom Golf Academy offers the ultimate golf lesson experience using modern teaching technology.

Tim Absalom is a forward thinking PGA Advanced Professional. Tim has been coaching golf since 1977 and his knowledge of the golf swing has been recognised by touring professionals and beginners alike who have developed and improved their game with his guidance.

Private Coaching

When you take part in one of Tim’s Private Coaching Sessions you will recognise the attention and care to detail within the session. However, you will leave with simple practical instruction that you can take to the course.

The philosophy behind Tim Absalom’s coaching is simple. Everything you do must be to improve ball flight.

Junior Coaching Philosophy

Our Junior Academy philosophy is simple. We strive to deliver the very best coaching and mentoring in every department required to play top class golf and to be a high-calibre person within the game. As long as a junior golfer enjoys the game of golf, we believe we will provide the other ingredients necessary to get them where ever they want to go in golf and life.

We have assembled a team of experts that let us address all the skill sets needed to shape junior golfers into great golfers and even better human beings, We expect a lot from from our students and in exchange, we are dedicated to our student’s needs and wishes. Our approach to coaching juniors is for them to enjoy the journey of learning that will develop a life long interest in the game of golf.

Tim Absalom's Qualifications

Tim Absalom has beng coaching golf since 1977 and has continued to grow his knowledge through continuos personal development. Here are some of the qualifications Tim holds:

PGA Advanced Professional / PGA Level 3 Coach
Titleist TPI Level 1 & 2 Coach
MSc Science of Sports Coaching
PGA Consultant Tutor for Coaching
Post Graduate Diploma in Nutrition
Post Graduate Diploma Sports Psychology