Coaching philosophy

Tim Absalom supports his players through a complete testing and golf development programme

Utilising his experience of over 40 years as a professional, his Masters degree in sport science and his 8 Post grad certificates ranging across subjects such as psychology to diet and nutrition, Tim will design a bespoke learning programme for you.

Your golf development programme starts by assessing the "complete picture" of your golf starting with ball flight, screening for flexibility and stability, golf swing, shot-making skills found on the course, short game and golf equipment fit. Tim will then design a programme that will optimise and develop your golf game that will get you playing the sort of golf you always knew you could play. 

Tim understands the dynamics of learning a new skill and so analysis and learning tools are used to communicate the information needed to develop your game.

The bespoke golf swing approach to Tim's coaching utilises the K-Vest motion capture system to produce a three dimensional computer model of your golf swing, SAMLab to monitor weight transfer, FlightScope for ball flight and club information, SAM PuttLab and high speed video.

Tim's goal is simple - To help you enjoy and play this great sport in the most fun and productive way.